At the Microsoft Ignite developer conference this week Microsoft unveiled its new integrated app for Phones: Microsoft Office for Android and iOS. What’s in it? Office, and all of it – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote and basically anything else Office has to offer.

So what you say, I already have all of those apps for my phone, and Microsoft says exactly, all those apps. This is a single app that has the entire of the Microsoft productivity suite for mobile built in.

At present the new Office app is only for Android and iOS phones, so tablets will have to remain with the old individual apps for now.

If you’re interested in checking out Microsoft’s latest and greatest you can sign up for the Google Groups access and get the Beta app from the Play Store. Just sign up here for Android and here for iOS.

There’s a brief registration period but it took 30 seconds and I was allowed immediately in.

Source: Microsoft.
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    Jeni Skunk

    Nice going Microsoft. Tablets are one class of Android device that could really make effective use of this app. But you made your app for phones only. Idiots.


    In the Android version that I have from the Play store, there is only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a “Notes” app. No OneNote or Outlook, which for me defeats the object somewhat, as you would still need to jump in and out of apps.


    Worse than having to use Microsoft app only using their Beta apps.
    Nothing works with Microsoft.


    Is this the same app that you get on the Galaxy Store?