There is a lot to like about prepaid mobile SIM options except for the fact that overseas roaming has been either heinously expensive or non-existent but that is slowly changing as referenced by Optus with their new plan announced today.

Optus have extended their $20 Prepaid Data Roaming Add-on which gives users 10GB of data to use overseas. They have added five new destinations to the already destinations included. The new destinations are Japan, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Thailand adding on to the existing locations of Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and the USA.

Along with the new destinations Optus have increased the expiry date from five days up to 14 days meaning travellers have more time to take advantage of the 10GB data allowance provided in the add-on.

Optus Head of Strategic Projects, Vidur Rattan said “By launching these new Add-Ons, we are continuing to deliver our prepaid customers great value. With the addition of 5 more destinations to selected prepaid plans we want customers travelling overseas to use their phone worry free.”

New customers can now activate a $2 SIM (which is actually free until March 20 next year) via and choose the $20 Roaming option. The $20 roaming option will only be available for activation on the Optus Prepaid Epic data plan and all SIM activations must occur within Australia. Once activated, the $20 Prepaid Data Roaming Add-On will be available on selected plans to buy via the My Optus app and including Prepaid Epic Data, Prepaid Epic Value, My Prepaid Ultra, My Prepaid Ultra Plus, My Prepaid Ultimate, Prepaid Ultimate Plus, My Prepaid Long Expiry and Optus Prepaid Long Expiry.

A bonus is that the multiple Roaming add-ons can be “stacked” with a purchase of two of them giving the user 20GB of data to be used over 28 days — that’s an impressive feature for sure.

It’s been shown in the past that loyalty to mobile brands often doesn’t pay with new customers getting great deals. But with options like this, Optus is encouraging their prepaid users to be loyal to them. For more information head on over to the Optus website and read the fine print.

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So, someone on a plan cannot get this? Only option is the $10/day deal? Gee thanks.