Google’s Stadia is their new online gaming platform and although it was announced a while back is still not live. On November 19 though it will become active for those who purchased the Stadia Founders Edition kit and today Google has made the app available on the Play Store in readiness for its launch.

Stadia will not be available here in Australia just yet so we cannot install the app without some geofencing work-arounds but for those in supported countries you install the Stadia app from today.

Once installed you can connect a Google account but that’s it. Until you get your invite code for Stadia (apparently arriving around 19th November) there is little you can do.

Once it does become live though you will be able to wade through all the available games on the Stadia store and stream them as you see fit. Of course Stadia also works with Chromecasts or Chrome browsers on PC. At this stage the Pixel 4 will be the first supported smartphone and it will be interesting to see how its mediocre battery life is affected by streaming games.

Considering 279 people have already left reviews for an app that does nothing, connects to nothing and is basically nothing more than a placeholder at this stage there seems to be a lot of anticipation for Google Stadia. We hope it is able to live up to all hopes and expectations and then makes its way Downunder.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Reddit.
Source 2: Android Police.
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Luke Vesty

Yeah for people with fairly reliable NBN like myself it would be great to give Stadia a whirl and see how it performs. Fingers crossed it lands here sooner rather than later.