Earlier this week we reported that Lexus’ sister-company Toyota had announced that upgrades to their infotainment systems to include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility were available for select cars. Now Lexus have joined the throng in offering the same support to older models.

Lexus have already included support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in their new models but like Toyota have also included an upgrade pathway for owners of older models. The new models that support the improved infotainment systems are the ES sedan, the RX SUV, the NX SUV, the top-end LS sedan, and the latest to receive the upgrade were the RC and LC coupe receiving just at the start of this month. From December 1 all UX SUVs will also have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay onboard.

Now owners of older models can also join in the fun with an upgrade pathway that costs just $249 and apparently takes just one hour to complete. The older models supported are:

  • NX produced from September 1, 2017
  • ES produced from July 4, 2018
  • RC/RC F produced from November 27, 2017
  • LC (all models)
  • LS produced from January 8, 2018
  • UX (all models)

While the Lexus market is not all that big it is yet another nail in the coffin of the frustratingly woefully inept pieces of garbage that are car manufacturers’ infotainment operating systems. For years they have frustrated us with their slow, clunky, ugly, poorly designed and supported systems but no more. Now we all have an option — that is unless you are still using a Windows Phone.

Good on Lexus for jumping onto the Android Auto bandwagon — better late than never. Now for Porsche and that review unit….

Source: Car Advice.
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2018 IS no upgrade. arrr

Me I Am

2018 RX-450H? Seriously? Not able to get the update? SHAME on you Lexus

John Phillips

Yep, the Lexus is rubbish with the screen, software, and “joy” stick.

About time they caught up to the pack.


“Leuxs”? There’s a typo in the title since this morning.