It seems the internet loves it some device rumours, and Galaxy S leaks and rumours certainly hit near the top of that list, and thanks to @evleaks we’ve gotten our first set of leaks for next years Galaxy S11 range.

Now, there’s nothing too controversial here, a sensor we’ve already seen, specs we could all guess and perhaps a hint of new colours.

It seems Samsung will continue to have 5G and LTE specific devices next year. In fact, they’re doubling down on the 5G being slightly different with 3 size variants rumoured, two LTE or 5G powered devices coming in at 6.2-inch or 6.4-inch (reports vary) and 6.7-inch and a 5G only 6.9-inch design and featuring a curved display, which we know can be polarising.

Under the hood, we’re expecting the latest Snapdragon 865 in some markets, and it’s unclear if Samsung will continue to continue to use their own top of the line processor in some markets. Around the back, at least one of the sensors is rumoured to be the 108MP sensor that Samsung developed that is in the recently announced Xiaomi Note 10.

Colour-wise it looks like we’ll be getting a refresh with rumours point towards Blue, Grey and Pink variants with a refresh of the Galaxy buds launching alongside in Blue, grey, Pink and White.

There’s very little here that seems out of place or unexpected. it will be interesting to see if Samsung does release so many variants. However, if they continue with this year’s strategy of releasing both the S line and the Se line together then it does all fit together nicely.

Source: Gizchina.
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Hopefully they include faster ‘fast’ charging in the S11 series, because they are behind on that.

Tom Sekulic

Samsung should stop favouring US market and give others superior Qualcom chips.


I was going to take the gamble and import a US Snapdragon version (GSM, not CDMA) to use in Oz, but they apparently region lock them and they refuse to repair them too. You can permanently unlock the region lock but you have to pay a third party yet more money to do so. Tests on YouTube found that Samsung’s own cpu runs around 20% slower and gets hotter while running under load compared with the Snapdragon chip, which isn’t great in a climate like Australia. There were also differences in photo quality despite sharing the same camera modules. The… Read more »

Joshua Hill

Currently superior. Back in the S2 days Samsung’s chips were faster than Qualcomm’s. While I suspect the sd865 will be faster than whatever Exynos chip Samsung develops for S11 it’s a bit early to be pining for the SD.