Sonos is one of the biggest names in the streaming sound market, establishing themselves as a quality hardware and great sound option. One of the issues many users face with streaming music on this dedicated hardware is the paid subscription necessity.

Sonos are addressing that with the news that you’ll be able to use a free Spotify account on your Sonos hardware starting (in theory) now. The ability to add your free Spotify account to your Sonos speakers requires up-to-date Sonos and Spotify apps then simply link the two. The app update for Sonos has only just become available on my devices, so make sure you check the Play Store first.

Given the season, it would make sense that this is being done to entice more buyers over to the Sonos platform for Christmas purchases.

Given the Sonos based Symfonisk speakers through Ikea are sub $200 across the range and the Sonos One are sub $300 there’s less and less reason to not make the jump to Sonos if you’re a fan of solid sound.