Look, with the number of stories I write about gin, it’s probably about time I’m sounding like I have a bit of a problem. I’m quite partial to a good gin, and I also don’t mind trying new gins to find out whether they’re good or not.

The perfect Christmas gift for someone like me – who really doesn’t need anymore socks and underpants – is something like this: a Christmas Gin Gift Pack!

This gift pack – on sale from Wednesday this week – comes with a selection of 12 unique gins to try in small 50ml sample bottles. That’s enough for a sturdy pour, and mixed with a fine tonic – something from Fever Tree is an absolute must – these sample bottles should give you twelve days of enjoyable drinks.

These are on sale for $59.99, at select ALDI stores only. As with anything good, there’s a good chance these will sell out and disappear within a couple of days, so if you’re on the hunt – hunt quickly!

If you’re after something a bit more festive – and dare I say, decorative – there’s a selection of six Christmas gin baubles from The Lakes Gin. These bauble sets can be hung on the tree – yes, they work – or you can wrap them and pop them under the tree.

There’s also a vodka pack for those that don’t like their gin as much as I do.

The vodka pack contains two regular vodkas, two salted caramel vodka liqueurs and two espresso vodka liqueurs. For the gin pack, you get two regular gins, two Sloe gin liqueurs and two Damson gin liqueuers.

These gift packs are on sale now for $34.99, and while they’ll likely sell out pretty quickly too, at least our local Aldi still had stocks of these.

Now, perhaps its time to start AusGin as well? Reviews could be .. problematic.

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