Google Maps is a traveler’s best friend in a foreign country. If you need to get somewhere, usually Maps can handle it by itself. But what if you don’t speak the local language?

In an upcoming update Google Maps will include a few features from Google Translate. Namely, it will enable your phone to read out a location name in the local language. So if you need some help getting to the Sapporo Bīru Hakubutsukan, you won’t have to make an attempt at wrapping your tongue around the words yourself.

The new feature will work by simply tapping a speaker button next to a chosen place name or address. A link to the Google Translate app itself will be available if you need further translation assistance.

Automatic translation in Google Maps will detect both your phone’s native language setting and the local language of the location you’ve chosen. For example, if you’re looking at a museum in Japan and your phone is set to English, the translator button will pop up.

Translate for Google Maps is rolling out this month on both Android and iOS with 50 languages supported and more on the way.

Source: Google.