One of the most iconic phones ever made was/is the Motorola Razr and with the advent of foldable phones this year Motorola have decided to reboot the Razr in a foldable smartphone format. With the official announcement later today you wouldn’t think anything this official would leak out — but it has, via the FCC.

It seems the FCC just couldn’t keep it under their hats any longer with the full FCC listing now available to the public. Inside the listing are both internal and external photos of the new device and they reveal all about it’s hardware, inside and out.

The phone is very reminiscent of the last Razr to be released all those years ago with the chin at the bottom that the top half folds down to meet. The chin holds the USB-C charging port and the fingerprint sensor. The display which can be seen in full is a tall flat display and will be interesting to see how they adapt Android to such a display. The rear of the device has the Motorola batwing along with a single rear-facing camera.

The internal photos of the device show off the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset along with the camera internals and an extremely small battery of just 1165mAh. It seems unlikely that this will be the final production battery as you would expect a battery this small to not last very long at all. It is possible that they will replace this with a bigger battery or install a second one in the top half of the device but we will find out later today.

Given that most people who has used the Galaxy Fold love it it will be interesting to see how the new foldable on the block is received after its release today. I am looking forward to checking it out, especially how they tweak Android to run effectively on it (assuming it runs Android), although the single rear camera and small battery may prevent me from purchasing one.

For those who have a soft spot for a Razr though this could be a must-have device — I know one person who loved her Razr and would love a foldable smartphone one that will fit into any sized handbag. Keep an eye on Ausdroid for all the juicy details as the Razr is announced later today.

Source: FCC.
Source 2: 9to5Google.
Via: Reddit.
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I’m actually quite excited by the prospect of this phone. Hopefully it lives up to expectations, I’ve only recently started a phone cycle, but if it’s good, and it’s still on the market when I come due for my next one I hope this (or it’s sequel) will be it