In October last year we had the opportunity to review the Microsoft Surface Go. It was so good that Scott purchased one after the review. While the high-end models are pretty costly, the entry level unit is reasonably cheap. At the moment through JB Hi-Fi, it’s a very cheap at $399.

The attraction of the Surface Go stems from its portability, capability and of course cost. Being a Windows based machine it’s got all of the capability you’d expect (albeit limited by the hardware) from a Windows machine, and unlike some more expensive Surface products, it has a very handy USB-C port.

It’s worth noting that the base purchase only includes the tablet; if you’re after the type case (clip on keyboard) then it will cost an extra $149.95 on top of the tablet. The Surface Pen, too, is an additional cost but it really isn’t necessary unless you’re planning on drawing (and the Surface Go is a bit small for that).

For the vast majority of users though, this will be not just a tablet but a laptop/desktop replacement as well. At $548.95 that’s still a pretty good investment.

The JB Hi-Fi product listing shows this as limited stock, probably to make way for a new model. If you’re keen on a bargain, having a generation old piece of hardware shouldn’t bother you. With the Surface Go it will still perform admirably, particularly for the dollars you’ve invested.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
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This Surface deal + keyboard + pen will come in at 50% of the Samsung Galaxy Tab I purchased last year which had a total price of $1,099. So as says, this is a damn good deal. Pity I don’t need another tablet.


That’s a damn good deal!