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Since the demise of the data sharing SIM as a mass market product we are often asked asked what’s the cheapest way of getting a tablet or LTE connected Laptop online. Honestly, the cheapest way is normally to tether to your phone data plan, but many people, myself included find that a bit of a bother.

So what about a Data only SIM plan to get things going? For those with a little extra in the monthly budget the convenience of a constant data connection can be handy, just remember many of these plans don’t come with generous data allowances so I wouldn’t be streaming Disney+ all that often. It’s also worthy considering a plan from your current phone provider as many carriers allow data sharing between accounts.

So if you’re looking for a little data away from home perhaps one of these could meet your needs.

Duncan Jaffrey   Associate

Duncan Jaffrey

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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So you can use a normal mobile SIM for your tablet, even though it comes with calls/txt that you would never use?

Jeni Skunk
Ausdroid Reader

What would be the similarly priced plans where a person’s 4G tablet is also a phone? Data only plans don’t work in such an instance, as they have no calls and text capacity.

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