Sometimes when you listen to music on your home speakers you want to listen to something different, discover some new music and until now you have been unable to get your Assistant to play recommended music from Spotify. Now that has changed thanks for some new personalised commands Spotify have added to their platform.

Available now, you can ask your Assistant to play recommended music if you have Spotify as your default music app. The recommended music is based on your listening history resulting in new content based on your tastes (do not let your kids ruin your history with their noise). Unfortunately the new feature is available only to premium subscribers with their Google Assistant language set to English.

To use the new feature you can use the following commands after first triggering your Assistant with an OK Google or similar:

  • Recommend some music
  • Play recommended music
  • Find recommended music

If the speaker does start playing something not up your alley you can change it with the following commands (after an OK Google):

  • Play something (else/different)
  • Try something (else/different)

These new commands join a host of other Spotify Assistant commands which you can check out at the Google Nest support page. Even if you think you know them all why not head on over and see if there is something you have missed.

Source: 9to5Google.