It could be too early in the process to be thinking about the OnePlus 7 Pro design but considering we say the OnePlus 7T design appear in December last year it would not surprise us if the leaks that have surfaced today are real.

True Tech has managed to get their hands on a PDF file with a OnePlus 8 Pro product diagram and some comments on the design itself. The single page PDF shows the front and the back of the device along with numbered comments on various features.

The first feature is a cutout for the selfie camera which is an interesting change from the pop-up camera and full screen display they had in the Pro models this year. It would surprise me if OnePlus did regress in their design and go back to a non-full screen display and this may be the OnePlus 8 instead. There is also an oval cutout for a dual selfie camera for “higher-end devices” which most likely means the Pro. This is still a regression in design but the photography should be better with this — I’ll take the improved photography thanks.

Other notable features include even smaller bezels than this year, the continued use of the alert slider (which is fantastic) and a fourth camera on the rear of the device, a ToF camera, with this addition “tentative” but given that everyone else in the premium range is doing it (apart from Google) it would surprise me if they did not include it. The translation or the proof reading of the PDF is not great lending itself to it possibly being flake with the ToF camera called a TIme of light.

There is a new section for “camera relation sensors” (Google translate fail again?) with this also being TBD, ie. not confirmed. The camera config on the rear is apparently the same as in the devices from this year with a triple camera setup.

Of course this could be just one of many prototypes in the pipeline for OnePlus for next year’s flagship with the small changes showing that they are always looking to improve, especially their photography. An added ToF camera and a dedicated selfie camera (you would expect a pop-up camera to be inferior to a fixed camera) shows that focus on improving their imagery.

Time will tell if this is indeed the real design but it gives us an indication of their thinking for next year’s OnePlus 8. You can be sure that an image of a prototype will show up before too long — hopefully it has a “destined for Australia” logo on it.

Source: True Tech.