This Black Friday, you don’t need to shop online to grab a bargain on some fun new technology; ALDI is getting in on the action with specials on a range of TVs, a mini portable projector, a couple of wireless chargers and a power cube which – if you’re like me – you’ll love on your desk at work.

These specials go on sale next Wednesday 27 November, so you’ve got plenty of time to work out which store you’ll get to before – as usual – these things all sell out.


The headline special is a 58-inch Ultra HD TV with HDR display for just $444. Featuring all the normal features you’ve come to expect in a smart TV – including USB media playback, 4 HDMI ports, connections for soundbars and HiFi systems, the ability to record live TV and play back 4K Ultra HD content, this TV has you sorted for a rock bottom price.


Fancy something smaller? This 32-inch Smart TV is just $222, and features built-in Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as 2 HDMI ports, digital tuner, and connections for your soundbar or HiFi needs. Like the larger TV, it can record live TV to watch later, and features an HDR display.


Have you got a smartphone that charges wirelessly? There’s a couple of wireless chargers on sale for $24.99 too, including a desktop/bedside table model and one that clips onto your car air vent for wireless charging on the go. Featuring 10W fast charging on both, these are designed to charge your wireless-charging devices just a little bit quicker.

For my money, though, I’d get the desk one and probably avoid the car mount one – in the car, I want my phone connected up for Android Auto, making wireless charging kind of pointless.


My favourite pick of the Black Friday specials has to be this Cocoon Power Cube for $19.99. With just one wall socket, you get 4 power outlets and 2 10W USB outlets and you can use all of them easily without chargers blocking other ports as happens on power boards all the time.

With a mounting accessory and adhesive strips in the box, this might be just what you need for your desk at work. I know I’ll be grabbing one for my desk, because I’m sick of a powerboard taking up room on top of the desk when I could stash one of these under the desk and get those unsightly cords out of the way.

These and other Black Friday specials go on sale at ALDI next Wednesday, 27 November 2019. Be quick, they always disappear quick.


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Thanks Chris.

Do you know if the desk wireless charger supports EPP? The description says it’s tuned for iPhones, but to get it to work with 10W on a Pixel 4 it needs to support EPP. Cheers!