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Google Assistant has long had the feature to read out specific books to kids but until now all you have been able to do is listen to a random voice speak the book. Now Google is enabling the feature to allow you to record your own stories that will be read to your child.

Partnering with Instrument Google Nest engineers and developers have designed a new feature called “My Storytime”. A feature that was inspired by military families with members serving overseas it allows the user to pre-record a story read by themselves that can then be read out to the listener (for example the child of the parent) by using a Google Assistant Action.

By visiting MyStorytime.com you can create a family account and begin recording stories from anywhere in the world. The recordings are then shared with the parent or significant other back home who can then access them by speaking the magic words:

Hey Google, talk to My Storytime

The recordings are saved to the cloud and only yourself and those you share them with will be able to access them.

Of course this feature isn’t exclusive to military parents or even just parents only with grandparents or others able to record stories and share them to be read out — we assume it does not have to be read to a child.

The feature is now active and even if you are someone who works strange hours or travels for work this could be a great feature that will comfort your child as you read to them at any time of the day or night without having to be there in person.

Source: Google.

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Carlton Bennett
Carlton Bennett

This is fantastic! A great way to be present from afar by reading a book, sharing your own personal story or sharing a family song. What’s even better is that it works great with the TeddyMozart Smart Bear 😁 http://bit.ly/2QTZPZ2 👍👍👍

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