Perhaps you’re after a brand new phone, or maybe you’ve broken yours and need a new one. Maybe you just want a Samsung Galaxy S10. Whatever the reason, it’s a great time to save a tonne of money on a new phone from Samsung and Telstra, and this deal is a cracker.

On a 24 month contract (across a range of plan values) customers can save $648 off the handset price, and that’s a huge saving:

When you consider that this particular model (Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB) retails for $1349 from the likes of JB HiFi, this represents a saving of just under half. Sure, you have to sign up to a Telstra contract to get that saving, but if you’re already a Telstra customer out of contract – or with another carrier and prepared to jump over – this is a huge saving to make.

These kinds of bargains can usually be found towards the end of the year when Samsung is known to be working on new handsets to launch in a couple of months. For those who don’t buy the newest phone immediately upon its release, huge savings can be made!

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Mike Rose

JB Hifi currently has the S10 128Gb for $499 outright on a 12mth $65/mth plan with 60Gb data on the Telstra network. I’d say that’s a better deal than what Telstra’s offering directly!