Google likes to work on its favourite products, and Photos is definitely on that list, with new features coming every so often to make the experience better and better still. A new feature coming soon could be an image annotation tool, and I’ve been waiting for this for a while.

The new feature was reported by Android Police earlier this week, and it looks as if the update will allow users to draw over images like Snapchat does – draw with coloured pens and line types.

The feature will not be unfamiliar, as most Android smartphones offer a similar tool in their built-in Gallery apps; Huawei and Samsung definitely offer features like this in their photo management tools, but Google has been a notable absence in the space.

Once the feature becomes more widely available, it will appear in the bottom of the editing UI – readily accessible for when you need to draw over a photo to highlight a feature, for example.

The feature appears to be fairly simple, and so it should be; it’s not intended to be a mobile Photoshop – there are plenty of other apps for that. This is just a simple tool to let you mark up a photo/document/screenshot before sharing it to illustrate something quick and easily.

We’ve not seen the feature in Australia yet, but if the screenshots are anything to go by, it probably won’t be too far away.