More and more apps are starting to roll out dark modes and now Facebook is doing the same with some users noticing a new dark mode.

Facebook has said it would be implementing a dark mode to its app for a while now but it has been a while since they said that. Its other apps like Messenger and the web version of Facebook have all received the dark theme well before the main app itself.

However, it seems the dark mode has been a fleeting issues, with some reports stating they had the dark theme appear for a fleeting few seconds before completely disappearing altogether so it may just be in testing. On Reddita couple of months ago there were reports of similar things and some Twitter users have also stated that the dark theme has appeared for them, but haven’t stated if it had stuck around for them.

Given that testing for the dark mode for Facebook has been in the works for months, it great to see it rolling out — assuming that is what is happening. Are you a dark mode fan? Personally I like a theme based on the time of day.

Source: Android Police.
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Gary Bailey

you would think that the option of either white mode or dark mode makes a lot of sense since it takes less power and saves power from your battery to use dark mode.


Dark mode all the way! Though I feel like Twitter does it best. The dark blue is quite nice.