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With the Black Friday deals coming out fast and furious now it’s hard to keep track of what’s a good deal, what’s a price reduction and what is a Black Friday special. Whatever the latest price reduction on the Lenovo Smart Clock is we like it.

At $68 at JB HiFi this is the cheapest we’ve ever seen the device on sale for, and at that price almost makes it a no brainer if you’ve been holding out for one. We reviewed the Lenovo Smart Clock a few months back and found it a great little device.

Now, if you’re the price match kind of person you could always go to another retailer and try and get an extra few cents off but honestly at this price it’s already priced to sell.

For those wanting to pick up a Smart Clock for $58 the Good Guys have a deal, sort of. They’re selling the Lenovo Smart Clock for $78 and if you are registered for marketing emails you will be eligible for $20 store credit after the purchase. This is less useful unless there is something else you want to buy at The Good Guys for $20 or more but it is a deal nonetheless.

Keep an eye out for more deals as we head deeper into the Black Friday / Cyber Monday week.

Source: JB HiFi.

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Duncan Jaffrey

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Got mine during the ebay 20% off sale. I am finding it has problems hearing me, sound is truly poor but the screen is great, it dims perfectly at night and is nice and clear.

For a basic smart alarm clock it is good but needs improvement. If you listen to anything on it it isn’t good enough. E.g. white noise sounds like the ocean sound crappy and annoying, on the original google home at the lowest level it sounded really good.


Ordered. I’ve been looking for a good bed side alarm clock for my spare room… So I’ll put this one in the master and the one I’ve currently got in the spare. Thanks for the tip 🙂


I bought one six weeks ago for $129. Good stuff.

Reuben Fergusson
Ausdroid Reader

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