This year for the Black Friday sales the modus operandi seems to be that everyone is price matching everyone. After last weeks Samsung Galaxy Watch listing at JB Hi-Fi for $299 other stores are also getting in on the action.

Both Oficeworks and Harvey Norman have the silver version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch for just $298. When we tested out the Galaxy Watch we loved it and the experience made Samsung’s decision to head down the Tizen path rather than Wear OS a clever one.

This week has seen a lot of sales and we are only just at the beginning of the week. We will continue to bring you any deals that we see that we feel you may like and be interested in. If you find any that you think others like please share them on our Black Friday Reader’s edition post.

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Officeworks vs JB-HiFi vs Bing Lee vs Harvey Norman.

It’s good to have choice, then if one retailer annoys you, there are plenty of others. Harvey Norman is one of the few big companies that still advertises on the Alan Jones radio show, and its CEO Gerry Harvey is a strong supporter of Alan Jones.

When a retailer gets political like that, it influences my decision about whether or not to spend money at that retailer. But we have choice and the competition is hot.