Before it launches new 100/20 Mbps plans in May next year, NBN Co will offer some pricing enticements to retail service providers (RSPs) from 1 January 2020 in a bid to convince customers that the lower priced plan offerings are worthwhile.

This week, NBN Co concluded its roundtable conversations with retailers about new NBN pricing, and the biggest news is that a range of new plans will be offered next year, including a fast 100 Mbps plan with reduced 20 Mbps (from 40 Mbps) upload speeds.

As an incentive to get customers on the faster plans, NBN Co will offer wholesale pricing discounts on the current 100 / 40 Mbps plans, dropping them to the proposed 100 / 20 Mbps plan pricing until the new plans launch in May.

While the precise pricing is yet to be finalised, it’s expected to be 11% lower than the current 100 / 40 Mbps wholesale pricing. The idea is that service providers will pass this on to customers … but who knows whether that will happen.

Alongside the new 100 / 20 Mbps plan, NBN Co will announce wholesale availability of a 250 / 25 Mbps plan (available to FTTP and HFC customers only, most likely) and a super fast 1000 / 50 Mbps plan (likely FTTP only).

Plan prices will also drop for NBN Co’s entry level 25 and 12 Mbps plans.

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    Peter Gillespie

    So it’s there still going to be a 100/40 plan after may next year?