In an altogether unsurprising announcement today Larry Page and Sergey Brin penned a letter in which they have officially stepped aside as the CEO and President of Alphabet. The current CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai was named as their successor making the once head of Chrome OS in charge of the entire of Alphabet and Google going forward.

Larry and Sergey will remain on the board and say they will stay in contact with Sundar on issues that they are passionate about. In the full letter (link below) they lay out a history and future for Google/ Alphabet not surprisingly focusing on Machine learning cloud and other emerging aspects of their business.

Considering how well Sundar has done at leading Google we’re sure that Alphabet will be in excellent hands following the official transfer of power, perhaps we may even see more integrations where they make sense. What was made clear was that this does not mean the dissolution of alphabet back into Google, the structure as it is will remain.

Source: Google.
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    It’s crazy to imagine my dad’s classmate from undergrad is now the CEO of Alphabet… insane.