VLC is one of the most popular media players going, it’s highly functional and cross platform so what’s not to like? Very little is the honest answer and with the update rolling out it’s even better.

The VLC Developer blog outlines a lot of changes across platforms including Android TV as well as updates to the Audio Player and Video Player interface.

Android TV browsing has been improved greatly.

The browsing on Android TV has been made easier and more efficient.

You can now browse your media, filter them, jump to headers in a brand new screen.

When listening to music, a Now playing line now displays media currently played

While I personally use Plex a lot, I still use VLC regularly and am happy to see the UI updated for media playback on Android devices.

For those of you who like to tweak your audio, there’s a new UI for the Equalizer making it not just easier to use, but easier on the eyes as well.

For VLC users, grabbing the update looks like a worthy time investment. Let us know what your experience has been with VLC in the past and with the update.

Source: VLC Blog.