There are a heap of companies selling cables these days, many of dubious quality and it is often difficult to find a cable that is good enough to give us the best possible experience. Moshi is one company who have entered the market with some high quality cables.

With all the 4K content around along with 4K compatible TVs and monitors it is important you also get a cable that is capable of delivering that 4K content as fast and accurately as possible. As someone who has had bad experiences with so many cheap eBay and AliExpress cables I know all about the importance of decent cables.

Moshi sent us a couple of their cables to try out, the USB-C to HDMI Adapter and a USB-C to DisplayPort Cable and test them we did. Most of the monitors I use are old so I need adapters or cables such as these, especially when lecturing — there is no such thing as a USB-C port in any of these monitors.

One thing that struck me about the cables was that they are really well built. Solid, thick cables made with premium materials which is normally foreign to me in amongst my generic eBay and Aliexpress cables (yes I do not learn). So what are they?

USB-C to HDMI Adapter

This adapter supports 4K video and digital audio with an in-built converter chip. the chip helps to deliver a 60Hz refresh rate resulting in the crystal clear, blur-free video — something I noticed on my monitor at home.

The ends of the cables are encased in anodised aluminium to help minimise electromagnetic interference. The only issue I had with the adapter is that it is not very long making it less flexible in cramped locations.

USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Once again this cable is bidirectional which is handy if you get a new monitor and have an older PC or vice versa. Designed to support 5K video output (5120 x 2880) at a 60Hz refresh rate it also supports Thunderbolt 3-enabled PCs and monitors. It also supports transference of multi-channel digital surround sound.

Once again the ends are encased in anodised aluminium and is a thick, sturdy, high quality cable. The cable is a long 1.5m which is a bit of a pain but to help you keep your desk tidy Moshi have included one of those cable manager ties. This cable was fantastic and really made a big difference to the output on by 34inch monitor.

So how much are they?

Both cables are not cheap but you often get what you pay for when it comes to cables. The USB-C to DisplayPort cable is a cool $99 at JB Hi-Fi while the USB-C to HDMI adapter is at a frightening $75.98.

Moshi may not be the cheapest cables around but from what we have seen they are high quality and deliver all that they promise — and they come with a three year warranty. If you are in the market for some decent cables go and check them out but make sure you look around first because they are definitely not priced to be an impulse buy.