This year Samsung released their Galaxy Buds alongside the Galaxy S10 but it looks like for their successor they will be released separately as a stand alone product — and the new product will be a big improvement.

When we tested the Galaxy Buds at MWC we liked the fit — the sound was pretty good too. Their successor is set to sound even better with the inclusion of active noise cancellation (ANC), just like the Airpods Pro.

Renowned leaker, Evan Blass, has tweeted out a cryptic message, as he likes to do and the only inference that is being made is that the new buds will have ANC.

The ANC inference is made because the main new feature of the Airpods Pro is ANC so it would make sense that Samsung would want to do the same as they do try and have feature parity with Apple wherever possible.

The new model of Galaxy Buds, according to SamMobile, will be SM-R175 and will come with 8GB of onboard storage allowing you to load music directly onto the buds themselves. You wold expect that with the addition of ANC the buds will require a different design as well as a new price tag but given that these things are often included as bundles with Galaxy phones it may not be an issue for most people.

SamMobile also believe that the Galaxy Buds+ may be released sooner than with the Galaxy S11 next year. They come to this conclusion because the support page for the buds is already live, albeit empty, and Samsung has a record of releasing products early when they see a void that their products don’t fill. With the Apple Airpods Pro now available Samsung don’t have an ANC version to match thus the conclusion.

For now we wait but it would be nice to see another manufacturer with some good looking earbuds (unlike the Airpods) with ANC included. I know I would love a pair of those — no need to lug around a large pair of over the ear ANC headphones while flying anymore.

Source: EvLeaks.
Source 2: SamMobile.
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I have a pair of Galaxy Buds that I got bundled with my S10+ and I’m almost surprised they even need ANC – I listen to music on the train all the time with mine and cannot hear a thing with them in my ear even if the music is soft – they block outside sound very well.
<3 mine and glad I got the bundle.