The slow but steady move towards feature parity between Google Play Music and YouTube Music continues. We’ve seen this continued development with the view to YouTube Music becoming Google’s one and only music platform at some stage in the future.

Gapless playback is the latest addition to the playback feature set. While it’s not a huge change, it has been a minor irritation for a lot of listeners and now it is being eliminated. The change will roll out to premium Android users with the coming update (tested on my devices this morning successfully), web users will see the change take effect immediately.

We’re excited to announce gapless playback in YouTube Music. Now, when listening to an album on YouTube Music, each track will lead seamlessly into the next without a pause in between for a high quality, continuous listening experience. Listening to your favorite albums has never been better! This update is currently for our premium members only on Android or web, with iOS coming soon.

There are still a number of updates, changes and additional functionality required for YouTube to take over from Google Play Music. Hopefully Google add all these things in before they shutter Google Play Music — they have said they would but surely time is running out.

Source: YouTube Music PR.