It’s been a long time coming, but the Google Assistant has now added support for third party note apps such as Google Keep and three other services such as Any.Do, AnyList and Bring!

Currently, the Google Assistant currently the generic ability to take notes and lists by voice, which is fine, however being such barebones ability and not able to have a mobile or web client available to save these notes somewhere means it can be a bit redundant.

This new integration will now see users like yourself enter information verbally either through your smartphones, smart displays, and speakers be stored in your app of choice.

To set this up, all you will need to do is to visit the Google Assistant’s settings to connect your preferred note/list client app of choice. Under the ‘services’ tab, you will need to select the ‘Notes and Lists’ menu to select and initiate the third-party integration. Once completed, any notes or lists you create through the Google Assistant will be save to either Google Keep, Any.Do, AnyList or Bring!

Given this integration was originally launched at Google’s I/O event back in 2018, it has taken a while for this new function to be made available to users.
It was originally slated to have six other different participating providers, but we guess its better late than never.

However, it is important to note that Google will not move over existing notes and lists to those third-party apps, and will instead remain with the Google Assistant notes system/provision. This new function is now rolling out overnight to users and given it is the holiday season, the Google Assistant now has holiday themed commands available which include:

  • “Create a holiday gift list.”
  • “Add Stadia to my holiday gift list.”
  • “Add cranberries to my grocery list.”
  • “Take a note.”
  • “Show me my notes.”

Additionally, the Google Assistant can already find your photos by location and date. You can then ask the Assistant on Android to “share these photos with [x]” for a feature which is somewhat reminiscent of the Pixel 4’s new Assistant.

Furthermore, there is also a new function to search for shows to listen to with Google Podcasts. For example, you can ask the Google Assistant to find a podcast on Christmas/holiday cooking or to find shows relating to New Years resolutions.

If you prefer one of these note and list apps head head into Google Assistant settings and change over to them now.

Source: 9to5 Google.
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I’ve got it, but no integration with OneNote 😭

Colin Jones

Ok, so it’s starting to hit now. Very worryingly it explicitly states the integration is only compatible with phones and tablets, not Home/Nest devices!!!
I’m hoping it’s just not fully rolled out yet, but if it’s just on-device integration with the installed app then this is a big nothing! Very disappointed. Clearly people want to be able to add things to their shopping lists etc when around the house using their smart speakers. The old shopping list option is still in the same menu so we could end up with fragmenting the lists experience as well!

Colin Jones

For the record, the original announcement on Google’s The Keyword blog clearly states that speakers and displays will also be supported. So fingers crossed that this is a two stage roll out.

Colin Jones

I asked, the answer was No. still work in progress for Au 🙁

Colin Jones

Actually scratch that, incorrect info. Return to your current programming! 🙂

Paul O’Neill

On a related note, how do you delete lists create in a home Hub device?
Mine don’t show up in Assistant… ???

Colin Jones

Yep, got a sinking feeling about this. Not found a single person who sees this yet in Australia. Is it about false start announcement from Google like Oct last year, or yet another ethnocentric announcement from them that neglects to acknowledge that Continental US Rest of the World?!

Duncan Jaffrey

Yep, it’s looking more and more like this is another US first or exclusive, it’s always hard to tell with Google what will roll out where unless they explicitly state it.

Colin Jones

yep, I asked a local Googler, he passed on the question, but I’ve no idea whether they’ll be able to answer


Nope. Not seeing this either.


Nope, not rolled out for me either 🙁


No option on mine and similar complaints on Ausdroids source for this story so either it’s not released or it’s a staged release.

Colin Jones

Do you actually see the notes and lists option yet, or still the old shopping list option? I’ve yet to hear of any Australian users see this option appear. Anyone? Bueller??


I don’t seem to have a ‘Notes and Lists’ menu yet. Is this a server side update that hasn’t rolled out to all users yet?