OnePlus have done some amazing things in the past few years. Although they had a set back early on in their lifetime they have moved forward in leaps and bounds once they went back to listening to their fans. One of their early devices was the OnePlus X, a mid-range device that did not set the world on fire. Now it appears that they are looking to release another mid-range device.

OnLeaks has teamed up with 91Mobiles again to bring us detailed renders based on CAD drawings of an upcoming OnePlus device – the OnePlus 8 Lite.

The new device is not like any other we have seen from them before in that is has a dual rear facing camera and a punch hole display for the front-facing camera. This mid-range phone looks to have a flat, non-curved display and a curved rear glass finish that is apparently a mirror-like finish.

The size of it is approximately 159 x 74 x 8.6mm housing a 6.4 or 6.5 inch display. There will be an in-display fingerprint sensor meaning an OLED display is required.

While the details are scarce it is strange to see OnePlus heading down the mid-range path again but with their ongoing success in India a more affordable device could bring the excellent OnePlus experience to a lot more people. The price of the OnePlus 8 Lite you would expect to be incredibly competitive given the price or their flagships is often approaching the mid-range pricing as it is.

Hopefully next year is the year we see them land in Australia. We will keep on at them to come here and given Huawei’s ongoing woes there is a large vacuum that is yet to be filled but many manufacturers are vying for there is definitely room for them in our market.

Will OnePlus take advantage of this vacuum or will they continue to keep us in their “future” plans?

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I’ve only just upgraded my beloved X for a Pixel 3a.The X may not have set the world on fire but it was a solid little phone with a 1080p screen, lots of RAM (for a midrange device four years ago), expandable storage, compact size and and dead easy to unlock the bootloader. Kept it alive with custom roms… But being a OnePlus the camera was terribly average. Like night and day compared to the Pixel.