Gmail now supports adding multiple emails as attachments, hallelujah

Sometimes a feature has been missing for so long you just get used to not having it, That’s how we have felt about not being able to send multiple email attachments via Gmail in one go.

That all changes, today. Google has announced that they are rolling out an update to Gmail on the Web to support sending multiple emails as attachments, yes the same feature email has had since, forever.

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There’s three basic ways to send email attachments now, either start a new Email in the editor window and click and drag the emails into it, reply to an email and open the pop-out compose box and click and drag into it or select the emails you want to send, click on the 3 button menu in Gmail land select Forward as attachment. So simple and yet so needed.

The new feature is rolling out over the next two weeks for with some users already reporting the feature is live for them, for G Suite customers who have scheduled release domains the roll-out won’t start until January 6th 2020, so complain to your Sys Admin if you’re not seeing it.

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