As the entertainment world marches steady forward towards move 4K HDR content on line delivery platforms like Google Play Movies need to keep up with all of the formats and codecs that make the system work. Within the 4K HDR world, Dolby Vision is widely regarded as one of the best formats for delivery the best, brightest and wider dynamic range content.

According to the team at XDA, there’s evidence in the Play Movies APK that points towards a future implementation of the Dolby Vision format into Google’s movie and TV show service. While not extensive evidence, XDA did discover code for a Dolby Vision tag that would be attached to compatible media, this is a strong indication that the Google is indeed working on an implementation.

There’s no indication at this stage when Google may introduce Dolby Vision, but with the code showing up in the wide hopefully it won’t be that far off. Of course supporting the format is only component, your streaming device and TV also have to be compatible, better hit those boxing day sales!

Source: XDA.
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Searching 4K brings up a few but when you go to purchase, it doesn’t allow 4K option (also, why is SD still a thing). Out of all the 4K already purchased, only John Wick 3 actually shows 4K (HDR).

Greg Hortin

Play Movies had a terribly small number of 4k titles last time I checked (not sure if this is just a problem in Australia). I picked up a second hand 4k Apple TV and use it when I want movie rentals. They have far more 4k and HDR content along with better specials. I still haven’t found a perfect smart TV box or platform so mixing a few different ones seems like the best way to have the best of everything.


Does that mean they will also support Dolby atmos?