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The new Google Assistant will arrive in Australia “soon”


When Google released the Pixel 4 they included with it a new Google Assistant but unfortunately that Assistant was not included in all regions, including ours. At the time Google told Ausdroid that it would be arrive towards the end of the year.

In today’s blogpost Google has announced that it is finally on its way Downunder (and also to the UK, Canada, Ireland and Singapore) and will get here “soon”. Although there is no actual mention of a date for the release but given it is mentioned alongside other Pixel features arriving this month we assume it will be in the next couple of weeks.

The new Assistant will allow you to reply to texts in Messages or Whatsapp, find and share images within Google Photos, search for videos in YouTube, find emails in Gmail, look for hotels in Google Maps and open a website.

Overall the new Google Assistant on Pixel 4 is faster and more seamless than the current one we have here in Australia. The problem is that at this stage it will only work on Pixel 4 and requires you to be using the full gesture navigation and no G suite account on the phone.

Hopefully Google removes these restrictions at the same time it brings the new Assistant to Australia, “soon”.

Source: Google.
Source 2: Android Police.


  1. I tried the new gesture navigation but am a creature of habit and rocking the old school 3 buttons at the bottom. This may be what finally makes me upgrade and finally get used to it.

    • yes came as a bit of a shock when it was first realised. And you are right, it is strange they don’t support their own business– it rules out all us here on trying it as Ausdroid emails are G-suite.

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