Google Assistant is receiving a long awaited integration with Keep Notes, through which users can take notes from Assistant devices.

To add Keep Notes to Google Assistant, you’ll have to dive into the settings menu. Open the Google app on your phone, tap More on the bottom right, tap Settings and then Google Assistant. Under the Services tab, locate Notes & Lists. Google Keep is an option under the list of providers.

If you can’t see the Notes & Lists section, it’s likely you’re on an older version and will have to wait for an update.

Once the services are linked, future notes taken with Assistant will be saved to the Google Keep app as well. Lists and notes made via other smart devices will also sync with Google Keep.

Accessing the notes once you’ve taken them differs depending on the device you’re using. On a smartphone you can say, “Show me my notes,” but a smart speaker or display won’t be able to do so – they can only access a note that is titled “Shopping list.”

This functionality is still rolling out, and we haven’t been able to confirm it’s available locally yet. The update has apparently been ongoing for a week now.

Via: 9to5Google.
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Max Luong

I’ve had this for a couple of days now.

I can finally have my shopping list back on my watch! I’ve just had to call it the Woolies list since it still wants to add everything in the “Shopping List” to that other service that we don’t have access to.