Google Maps continues to get better and better. Personally I’m a big fan of the hazard notifications, in fact yesterday it potentially saved me from a serious road incident. I was notified of an object on the road ahead, I found quickly (110kph zone) that a truck had a blow out a short time before. Now the navigation options are expanding to include a motorcycle option.

In the short term this is part of the Google for India project, but if successful there’s no reason it shouldn’t or won’t expand.

Android Police have had multiple reports from their readers in India with screenshots to show the function. From the screenshots, it shows that the motorcycle travel options are potentially faster (riders know you can save time through various strategies) than car travel. Ultimately, Maps will show you the fastest and most efficient route to your destination based on your input and travel method.

Interestingly the parking availability at the destination is also covered as part of your travel input, which may affect your decision on how to get there if you have options available.

From previous information we’re aware of the feature is available through Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. The consistency here is markets with high use of motorbikes for primary transport. When the time comes and it’s available in Australia, the feature should be pretty well polished.

Source: Anroid Police.
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As a motorcycle rider, I was quite excited by the heading! But riding in Australia is very different to riding in SE Asia. Generalising, we ride for fun. Yes, we commute, but we can’t go where cars can’t. So I was looking for the most twisty route, not the quickest.
I can’t see the point in this being introduced here.