In recent times we have always received Samsung’s Exynos versions of their high end Galaxy phones but this may change with the Galaxy S11 according to a new report.

Korean site, The Elec is reporting that not only will Korea be receiving the Snapdragon 865 as the Galaxy S11 chipset but also other regions. The report says that the new Snapdragon 865 will be the go-to processor in “almost all” markets except Europe.

Australia is not specifically mentioned but we are not in Europe so we hope that we are included in the almost all section. The reason for the change is apparently due to the performance difference between the SD865 and the new Exynos 990:

Performance gap between two chipsets is large.

The SD865 supports must faster AI compute times, an improved image signal processor, and the SD is also based on the newer ARM Cortex A77 design. Apparently the decision was an obvious one and if true you wonder why Europe miss out? Hopefully we don’t too.

If the SD 865 is included in Australia then every Samsung Galaxy 11 phone here will support 5G — is that too much to ask? Will that bump up the price even more? Of course it is all rumour and speculation at this point and although we put a fair bit of credibility int he report from Korea that does not guarantee it coming here — fingers crossed it does.

Source: The Elec.
Via: Gizchina.
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When I contacted chat from Samsung and asked them why Europe is not getting the faster snapdragon 865 chipset this is the reason they gave me.
One of the possible reason to this is the availability of the resources for manufacturing a device. This is the main reason why Samsung phones use Snapdragon chipset on other countries.


Why are Samsung shafting the European customers when half the smartphones sold there are Samsung it’s not right that we should year after year get the inferior chipset when the rest of the world gets the new snapdragon 865 chipset


Lets hope that the recent Australian launch of the new Samsung A90 5G in the last two weeks is a sign of things to come for the soon to be released Galaxy S11 series. The A90 now selling in Australia comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip as standard. I’m really hoping that we also get the Snapdragon 865 chip in the Galaxy S11 series.


Could you please reach out to your Samsung contacts and ask if the S11 can remove the 2.4GHz only restriction to WiFi Hotspot? I have a note 9 and a note 10+ and neither of them have the ability to WiFi hotpsot at 5GHz for speed. Other phones sold here can, and the samsung models we have can overseas, so why this restriction just for Australians?