Google announced the Pixelbook Go a few months ago including a beast mode version but at the time the high end version was not available. While the Core i5 and Core m3 models were available for some (myself included) their wants often exceed their requirements. For them there is now the Core i7 version, complete with 4K display.

For a cool US$1,399 you will get a Pixelbook Go with a 4K UHD display, Intel Core i7-8500Y processor, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The design and aesthetics are the same as the lower end versions but for those doing development work on a Chromebook this will certainly have the chops to get the job done.

Available in Just Black only at the moment it can be purchased from various US retailers including the Google Store, Amazon and Best Buy. Unfortunately if you are interested Amazon will not ship internationally so you will have to use a mail forwarder if you really must have one.

Unfortunately also is that Google have not brought their Pixelbook range to our shores and given the sad state of Chromebooks in Australia we find it unlikely they will anytime soon. If you are after a decent one like this you will have to import one IO’m afraid.

How many of you use a Chromebook? Do you have a high end one and would you drop a cool US$1,400 on one?

Source: Chrome Unboxed.
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Max Luong

My Chromebook Pixel LS was $1,300USD. *shrug*

It was crazy overkill at the time, but the fact that I still use it as my main computer means it might’ve saved me money by not being tempted to upgrade.

John Phillips

Chromebooks are way too expensive in Oz to get much traction. Hardly Normal at present has a Windoze 10 (Home) for $399-00.

I imported my CB from US about 18 months ago, but now with the weaker AUD and GST, wouldn’t be bothered again.