Once upon a time I ran an experiment where I used all of the Microsoft Android apps as my primary apps, and I didn’t hate it. Now that Microsoft have based their new Edge browser on Chromium it could be time to switch back again, especially when more extensions arrive.

Today Microsoft have published on their blog an open invitation to build extensions for their new browser.

Starting today, the Microsoft Edge Addons store is now open for submissions for all developers. This is where users will find your extensions for the new Microsoft Edge.

Edge is so closely based on Chromium that “in most cases” extensions built for Chromium will work on Edge with out any modifications. Microsoft will begin migrating users’ extensions from the current version of Edge to the new Edge on January 15 but of course they will only be migrated if a new version supporting the new Microsoft Edge is available on the Addons Store.

Microsoft may have missed the boat on the whole mobile OS but have certainly made a nice little niche for them in developing some great apps that can be used instead of a lot of others, including Google apps.

Hopefully all these extensions and Addons will be compatible with the mobile version before too long. Do you use the Microsoft Edge browser on your phone or desktop? What do you like about it? Convince me to change.

Source: Microsoft Windows Blog.