Leading into Christmas a lot of families are going away for holidays, but the disconnection factor (or lack of mobile data) can cause significant issues for some. Of course there are also plenty of users who are still languishing on ADSL connections or poor quality NBN who need a better option. Optus have a rather spectacular deal for 500GB of data on mobile broadband at the moment.

For $68 per month (20% off the 500GB retail price), you’ll get 500GB of data per month – $10 for 10GB if you exceed this – for use within Australia. Previously Chris took a closer look at the 4G Plus Home Broadband and the results were pretty solid.

The above rates are good only from the beginning for those customers who go on a plan. Customers who want to do a month to month plan will pay more for the first month (to pay off modem) and then the above rates per month.

The month to month option may be of particular interest to short term users who need a good data allowance for a short period of time.

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I signed back in May, contacted them, they said i’m not eligible 🙁

Joshua Efezokhae

Telstra has an unlimited mobile broadband plan for 90 dollar per month


I signed up to the 500gb plan less than 2 months ago and got an SMS recently saying I was eligible for the 20% discount! All I had to do was send a message to support through the app and they applied it to my bill for the next 24 months!