A couple of months back we saw the first signs of automated playlists on YouTube Music. This is just one of the steps needed to bring feature parity to the platform from Google Play Music. Reading the YouTube Blog, it appears that may have been an early test, the playlists are now official.

Rolling out today, we’re introducing a shelf of three personalized mixes – the new Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix – to keep you up to date on what’s just been released and introduce you to a wider range of artists and sounds based on your personal taste. Updated regularly, these mixes will use your listening history to create a unique experience and guide your music exploration to exciting and fresh destinations week after week.

Discover Mix will bring new artists to your ears, aiming to introduce users to new listening pleasures.

New Release Mix is guided by your listening habits and brings you new music from artists and consistent to types of music you listen to.

Your Mix is the YouTube Music equivalent of I’m feeling lucky radio on Google Play Music. A constantly evolving algorithm that brings music you’re highly like to enjoy to your ears.

YouTube Music is still buggy if you’re an Android Auto user with strange and random behaviours at times. As a stand alone streaming music application, the only thing missing is my uploaded library that prevents me from making the switch permanently.

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Phill Edwards

Looks like your thumbs up and downs don’t get bright across from Google Play Music. That really sucks. Poor effort Google.


I have been using Yotube Music for a while with Android Auto and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Seems to work well most of the time.