Earlier this year Google stopped releasing the Android Distribution figures — most likely to stop becoming the butt of Apple’s jokes. Until now we have had no idea how these figures were going but it seems that the world’s fascination with porn is helping to make it all clear.

Over at Pornhub they released their 2019 Year in Review and because they have such high traffic numbers (42 billion visits in 2019) they can break these down into percentages of each OS version. 76.6% of these visits were from a phone with just 16.3% coming from a PC. Of the phone visits 52.8% were from iOS devices (not surprising given that the US was their largest country for viewers).

This though is different to last year where Android was over 60% whereas Apple was around 35%. When you look at the breakdown of Android traffic you can see that there is no mention of Android 10 but they have used Q instead. At just 2% it is low but it has only just been released and you would expect it to be low at first.

Although Pornhub’s traffic does not represent every single Android device around such as enterprise and industrial devices, kiosks and digital signage it represents those who have visited their site which is a fairly good snapshot of the world we live in. The breakdown is what people are using for their personal devices and the devices we think about when we talk about Android.

It is a bit sad that Google do not release their distribution figures anymore but when comparing them to Apple’s updating success they are laughable. Project Treble was meant to fix that but we are seeing no evidence of that just yet with many devices (even flagships) having to wait over six months for the Android 10 update — if it ever arrives.

I wonder if Pornhub will consider releasing these figures monthly? Someone will have to keep checking there sop we don’t miss them if they do.

Source: Pornhub.
Via: 9to5Google.