I was out this morning and exploring my local JB Hi-Fi – Shout out to the Modbury store in SA. While I was there I found a number of last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

There were quite a few there with a Google flavour, but here’s a few that really caught my attention.

Google Home Mini for $39

The Google Home Mini is a mainstay in many households as a remote device for smart home, music streaming or consumption of other media. They’re very useful, well worth the $39 they’re being given away for currently. At under $40 you could even use them as a stocking stuffer for your kids or to get your family into the technological era.

Google Home Mini with Mirabella lighting bundle for $79.00

Taking the step into smart home one step further, you can grab a Home Mini and basic lighting bundle for $79. In the box you get the Google Home Mini, two Mirabella Genio E27 light bulbs and a Mirabella Genio plug. This is a great starting point for a lot of users who want to dabble in smart home technology.

Lenovo 7″ Smart Display for $129.00

Smart displays are growing in market share quickly, the Lenovo 7″ Smart Display is just one of those. It was actually this that got me exploring the store further looking for bargains.

You can of course grab the Google Home Hub or basic Nest Hub for similar cost – it comes down to your choice of hardware and looks.

Google Nest Protect wired smoke alarm for $149.00

The final of todays bargains is the wired Google Nest Protect smoke alarm. Let’s start with the fact that they’re not cheap and a smoke detector from Bunnings will set you back $30. Bunnings smoke detectors won’t alert you to smoke in your kitchen from work, though.

These are a great idea if you’re wanting a bit better oversight of your home or family members, without installing cameras.

Clearly there will be dozens more bargains out there to be had.

Share what you’ve found with us in the comments.

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I was really happy to pick up a Sonos Beam for $479 in the recent Sonos sale. Pretty sure they are still on offer at $529 if you do around. I’m keen to see how well the Google Assistant functionality works on the
Beam, as it will be replacing a Home Mini.

Michael Hughes

I don’t know when this happened, but Bunnings is selling Amazon products now. Like the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $36.
Not a low price considering other retailers have it for that.
But as I can now cast Spotify (Free) to Amazon speakers from a phone/tablet I will now consider it.

Jonny C

Great list above though! Might pick up the Lenovo myself. Has anyone else used it? Any thoughts?

Cat Rogers

As for the Lenovo, sorry can’t do much to help. I’d probably go with the Google Nest Hub instead though. You at least know it’ll be supported for a long time. It is good that Lenovo is making an effort in this market though.

Jamie S

I have the Lenovo 10-inch display and it’s great..the 7-inch in now down to $99 which is fantastic value.