Each year Google uses it products to create some fun with Santa and his journey around the world. This year is no different with games, stories and the usual Google Santa tracker.

You can start following Santa’s journey by watch him sleep through his alarm and while the reindeers do their warm-up stretches everyone else at the North Pole does their best to get him up and ready to go.

Once he takes off you can follow him on Google Maps as he visits more than 400 locations and Maps will also tell you how far he is from you and how long it will take to get there. Along the way you can also check out some amazing Christmas photos from around the world from Local Guides everywhere.

Once you know he is nearby and it’s time to put the kids to bed you can read them Google’s new bedtime story with a little help from your Google Assistant speaker. The new story, Ollie Under the Sea, is a rhyming story about a narwhal and his quest to bring Christmas celebration to his friends under the sea.

You can also search on your device for “Santa Search” and then “View in 3D” and he’ll appear right in front of you — screenshots will help prove to the kids that yes, Santa really did stop here. This feature is live now on all supported devices (worked on OnePlus and Asus phones).

Santa GIF

While you are having a heap of fun with Santa you can heap over to Santa’s village and play some games with the Elves and other inhabitants of the North Pole.

My kids are too old for this now sadly and I wish some of these were around then so if your kids are in the right age bracket for this I encourage you to enjoy all activities with them and time moves very fast.

Source: Google.