Looking back on 2019, we’ve seen a lot of foldable phones but not many that people could buy, and of those, not many that people should. With high prices, unique designs that people aren’t quite ready for yet, and screens that de-laminated a little too easily, foldables in 2019 have been a tough sell.

To address some of this next year, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly feature a foldable glass display to make it more sturdy and resilient to daily use.

Twitter leaker @IceUniverse shared this image late on Christmas eve, confirming that the Galaxy Fold 2 will ditch the soft plastic display which was prone to scratching and wrinkling, and replace it with an ultra-thin flexible glass cover instead:

Exactly how that will work – given glass’ notorious refusal to flex much if at all – remains to be seen, but we’ve seen many rules broken in recent times, and this might be another one that Samsung’s boffins have figured out.

With rumours that we could see the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 launch in early 2020 alongside the new Galaxy S range, we mightn’t have too long to wait to find out more.

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Real Glass that is foldable , how cool is that !
Looking forward to seeing this .