The leaks and rumours are starting to heat up now with the next Samsung Galaxy flagship expected to arrive inside the next two months. There have been quite a few rumours of it and now we are seeing them clear themselves up.

First things first according to leaker Ice Universe the next flagship will not be called the Galaxy S11 but instead the year 2020 will usher in a new name (sort of). The next flagship Galaxy line will apparently be called the Galaxy S20 line, fitting in well with the year and also signifying a new beginning for Samsung. This rumour was also “verified” by another leaker separately with @MMDDJ_ also saying the same thing.

We have seen several leaks around the Galaxy S20 flagship’s camera system and another leaker @OnLeaks has posted some images of the new camera arrangement on what he called the Galaxy S11 Plus. There appears to be four cameras, three of the left and one on the right above the flash.

The square lens at the bottom of the left column is thought to be a 5x zoom periscope lens, similar to the system OPPO introduced last year in their 10x Zoom series. This sits below an ultra-wide lens with the fourth camera on the right expected to be a ToF lens.

This new leak is different to what we previously saw which were based on early prototypes which “had a different rear camera layout”. This doesn’t make it correct but leakers have proven to be correct a lot in recent times so we have no reason to doubt this at this late stage.

There are rumours of Samsung launching their next flagship before MWC once again which puts it at the end of February. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the camera system on it and seeing whether they continue with their photography resurgence the Galaxy S10 started.

Source: OnLeaks.
Source 2: XDA Developers.
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Daniel Narbett

Oh dear – we know what happened last time Samsung displeased the versioning gods by skipping the Note 6…


Sammy usually makes large changes in design with decent improvements , i have faith it will be a good upgrade , However I would rather have seen the camera array horizontal rather than down one side , purely for practical reasons ( looks are low on my priority list) , mostly , the device would sit flat on a desk without rocking when typing if horizontal ., but ah well , apple/google did it that way , perhaps there is some engineering reason for it ? Or they are all good buddy’s and like to copy each other 😆.. Next… Read more »