The Google Pixel 3a was one of the hits of the year with it receiving critical acclaim in all corners of the tech world. It brought a premium camera and smartphone experience to a mid-range device. Next year looks to be more of the same according to a leak overnight.

The leaks come courtesy of @OnLeaks and 91Mobiles and are CAD based renders, usually based on case measurements sent to accessory manufacturers. The leaks show an evolution in the design of the Pixel 4a but it still looks to be of mid-range quality materials.

The top bezel has been shrunken down because with the punch hole display the large bezel is not required to house a front-facing camera — the bottom bezel is apparently smaller now too. The side bezels are very similar to what they are this year — larger than most phones but now symmetrical all the way around the display. At the top of the device is still the headphone jack as well if you are one who prefers that route for media consumption.

The smaller bezel will mean a larger display will be bale to be used with it slightly larger than this year’s Pixel 3a — probably 0.1-0.2 inches bigger. We suspect that Soli gestures will not be supported with the Pixel 4a given firstly the cost of the sensors and secondly the top bezel not being big enough to fit them.

The rear of the device once again shows the matte finish and camera bump — strangely, assuming the renders are correct, Google have gone for a single lens camera in a large square camera module. We suspect that if the camera bump remains Google may in fact opt for a dual rear camera as they did with the Pixel 4 — this is a view that @OnLeaks also agrees with.

A physical fingerprint sensor is once again located on the rear of the device — it is possible that the in-display sensors are too expensive to be able to fit within Google’s budget, or maybe they just thought why bother?

The right side once again shows off the coloured power button above a volume rocker and the left will most likely house the sim tray again.

The result will be a device which is 144.2 x 69.5 x 8.2mm in size and 9mm thick at the camera bump. This means it will be smaller than the Pixel 3a while simultaneously having a larger display. Inside it is expected to arrive with 4GB of RAM (but wouldn’t surprise me if it came with 6GB), 64GB of onboard storage (not enough but Google seems to think that’s all you’ll ever need) and powered by a Snapdragon 7-series CPU.

Some here at Ausdroid have the Pixel 3a as their phone of the year. It looks like Google could produce more of the same using the same recipe in 2020. Did you buy a Pixel 3a or would you consider a Pixel 4a given the mid-range price alongside a Pixel experience?

Source: 91Mobiles.
Source 2: @OnLeaks.
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Ivy H

What Bree said. I love my Pixel 3a but would only “upgrade” to a 4a if it had significantly better specs than the 3a. 4GB RAM/64GB storage is just adequate at the moment but how about a few months or years from now?


I agree that it should come with a larger storage capacity. If it had 6GB RAM and an option for 128GB storage then it could be a winner for me, especially if the camera performs well.