Each quarter Counterpoint Research provides research results for smartphone sales for that quarter. Q3 2019 did not bring any surprises with Samsung and OPPO heading up the Android devices in the top 10.

With Android phones making up eight of the top ten OPPO and Samsung dominated it with six of the top eight spots (Apple make up the other two in the top eight). Xiaomi and Huawei rounded out the top ten.

OPPO’s A models (A5, A9 and A5s) made up their top 10 entries, reaffirming the belief that mid-range phones is where the bulk of the market is. It was similar for Samsung with their Galaxy A10, A20 and A50 making up their three entries into the top 10.

Interestingly, Huawei’s high end P30 made the list — this model did/does come with GMS unlike the newer models of Huawei smartphones. Aside from this affordable phones were purchased in the greatest quantities. The revenue of the top 10 declined by 30% YoY which is caused by the dominance of mid-range affordable smartphones in the list.

Overall, global handset profits declined 11% YoY during the third quarter of 2019 and even with the addition of 5G to premium smartphones mid-range will most likely continue to dominate — especially with some mid-range processors now compatible with 5G modems.

With results like this you can be sure we will see a lot more mid-range smartphones in the coming months and years, with much of the premium smartphone technology trickling down to them.

Source: Counterpoint Research.
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I’m not sure majority means what you think it does.