We’ve already seen the specs and had a peek at the device renders, but now we get a look at the real thing.

Slashleaks has managed to get hands on images that are reported to be the real deal, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite.

The images don’t tell us a lot more than what we already know. They do however confirm the cutout selfie camera and multi-lens array on the rear of the device.

We’re still uncertain – although CES would make sense – of the exact release date, expected to be January this year with the S11 scheduled for February before Mobile World Congress.

What features and price point would get you onboard the Note 10 lite train?

Source: Slashleaks.
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What I’d have preferred to see Samsung do, is revisit the territory they first looked at in 2016. Mid-tier tablets with S Pen.

Tom Sekulic

Is that a *FLAT* screen I’m seeing?
I hate curved screens: they’re useless and make it extremely difficult to protect as decent curved glass screen protectors are expensive.
I have a Samsung S8 plus and the “Edge functions” are useless!

A flat screen like the one on Samsung S10e would make the new Note a great phone!