With the new year now upon us, the countdown to MWC 2020 (and the first major launches of smartphones for the year) is on.

While Samsung seems likely to launch ahead of MWC this year – with a launch event announced for 11 February – eyes at MWC will turn to those choosing to launch at the event, and a company that rarely misses an opportunity to launch a brand new handset at MWC is LG.

This year, LG is rumoured to launch the LG G9, and thanks to some high quality renders from OnLeaks, we’ve now got a better understanding of what LG’s 2020 smartphone line-up is likely to include.


There’s not much to make of the new phone from these renders, except for the minimal notch on the front – ditching front-facing sensors for a more pleasant viewing experience – and four cameras on the rear.


What else can we discern from these renders? Fairly ordinary details, if we’re honest – the inclusion of USB-C, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a likely in-screen fingerprint sensor (as there’s no hardware one) and a – broadly speaking, at least – fairly similar design to the LG V50 ThinQ which we most recently saw a couple of months ago.

With 7 weeks until MWC 2020 kicks off, I’m sure we’ll find out more about the LG G9 before then. However, with the competition at the top tier moving ahead so quickly, and with Huawei seemingly out of the race, can LG pick up the baton and give Samsung a run for their money?

More recent performance would suggest not, but LG used to make some very good phones. It’s time they did again.