Wearables are an emerging battleground for manufacturers. The current emerging option is wireless earbuds riding the coat-tails of the hugely popular Apple Airpods. 91 Mobiles got their hands on renders that show the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ including in a new blue colour.

As noted in their render post, there appears to be a left and right indicator light for charging. Exactly how this will work is unclear from the picture. Suggestion is that you can press left and see the charge indicator for that device only. This is really helpful for users like myself who often have only one earpiece in use at times throughout the day. This leads to a mismatch of charge levels and can be a pain if that runs out later!

It would be fair to expect improved sound quality from the original version of the Galaxy Buds. Perhaps ANC so they can keep up with the development of the Airpods (and other options available on the market) which have recently been updated. Of course without specs, we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that the Samsung Unpacked event is scheduled for February 18th where we will learn more about their upcoming devices.

Source: 91 Mobiles.