Samsung has launched two new devices in the A51 and A71 showing the camera battleground is still being hard fought. The Samsung “A” range has been hugely popular, offering functionality and affordability for users. The success of this mid-range set of devices shows clearly that while top tier devices have their place. So do the far more affordable options that users have taken to so willingly.

In the media release YeonJeong Kim, VP and Head of Innovative Product Planning Group Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics said:

We’re excited to build on the successful Galaxy A portfolio with the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. Since its launch last year, the Galaxy A series has become one of the most beloved smartphone ranges. The new Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 continue to offer the essential innovations that people love.

The 2020 update brings a significant improvement in the camera capacity over the A50 and A70 devices from last year. This improved capture potential extends not just through still photography, but into the video capture as well.

With four top-of-the range cameras, the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 are built for capturing those moments in life that matter most. Featuring a main camera, Ultra Wide, Macro and Depth cameras, combined with intelligent features, the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 allow you to capture almost anything you experience in clear detail and stunning scale.

Battery is key

Another area of high interest to users in the current connected era is battery capacity and life. The A51 and A71 have 4000 mAh and 4500 mAh batteries respectively. This puts them in the upper range of battery capacity within the mid-range of devices. If that translates to battery life remains to be seen. The 4500 mAh matches the Redmi Note 8 Pro we recently reviewed where Scott got nearly 3 days from the battery. But if the battery life doesn’t meet your needs, the Fast Charging will get you through the day.

All of this needs to come together in a visually attractive and easy to use device. Samsung’s history of delivering in these areas leaves no reason to doubt this release will be no different.

Australian pricing and availability for the A51 and A71 is not yet known, but we’re expecting to see them here given the success of the A50 and A70.

Source: Samsung Mobile Press.
Source 2: Samsung Mobile Press.