Google Pay is quietly marching along in Australia with more and more banks jumping on board and more “pass issuers’ also integrating their services with the platform. This week we’ve spotted integration with the Event Cinema app that allows you to to save you up and coming movie tickets to your Google Pay account.

Like many other “pass” integrations the process is simple. Once you’ve completed your purchase you can open the ticket in the app and hit the Add to mobile wallet button, that will jump out of the app for a second and hit up a web service that will then launch the Google Pay app on your phone, hit save and you’re done.

One of the advantages of saving your passes in Google Pay is the app will typically bring your pass up as a notification either near when the event is due, or if you are in the geo-location of the event (and the event time is not days away).

This means no fumbling to find the app, find the ticket, open the QR code. You simply tap the notification and you’re away. Additionally the Passes sync across devices, so if you live a multi device life then you’re guaranteed to have your tickets with you.

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Some guy

Shouldn’t you black out your QR code? In case someone turns up and scans it before you.

Chris Rowland

Scan the QR code and see where it goes…. 🙂

Some guy

Website seems familiar. Thanks!